Diagram of MEI Web Service

Host your own application and database.  Make requests to our database engine only for the difficult processing:

  • Service 1 – Baseline Modeling – Creates a linear regression of meter readings against weather and other independent variables.  We provide the weather data.  Specify balance point temperatures or have the service select best statistical fit .
  • Service 2 – Monitoring and Verification – Compares actual utility use against projected use from a Baseline Model.  Includes Baseline Adjustments and impacts of Energy Conservation Measures.
  • Service 3 – Forecasting – Forecast utility consumption for a future 12-month period using a Baseline Model and any baseline adjustments and ECM impacts.  Automatically finds the closest weather station and applies “typical year” weather based on a rolling 10-year window to account for climate change.
  • Service 4 – Invoice Auditing – Confirms that charges on a utility bill are correct.

Focus your efforts on your business and customers.  Let us handle the engineering calculations in compliance with ASHRAE Guideline 14 and IPMVP.

Our web services do not retain any of your data.